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D'après un SDF (Sans domicile fixe) américain, des agents du gouvernement emmeneraient certains d'entre eux de force dans les camps FEMA où on leur demande de porter une la puce RFID, s'ils refusent ils ne peuvent plus bénéficier de l'aide de l'Etat : bons repas, soins médicaux, etc.


Encore un pas, vers l'accomplissement de la prophétie :


Apocalypse 13:16-17

Segond 21 (SG21)

Elle fit en sorte qu’on impose à tous les hommes, petits et grands, riches et pauvres, libres et esclaves, une marque sur leur main droite ou sur leur front.

Ainsi, personne ne pouvait acheter ni vendre sans avoir la marque, c’est-à-dire le nom de la bête ou le nombre de son nom.






Shock Claim: NC Hauling Homeless to FEMA Camps, Demanding They Accept RFID Chips


A shocking claim has come to light in recent days after a Youtube video uploaded by the user Seho Song relayed the stunning experience of a North Carolina homeless man apparently named Elvi Zapata.

Zapata claims that he and his wife, transplants from Massachusetts, were attempting to resolve medicaid issues with their new home state of NC when his wife was violently abducted by police outside of a government building we assume was the Social Security Office for simply admitting to being homeless.

Zapata then claims that homeless associates of his have admitted that groups of homeless people in NC are routinely picked up and taken to the local FEMA camp where officers demand they accept implantable RFID chips in order to be able to receive state benefits like food stamps and Social Security more conveniently.

I would imagine that homeless individuals would have a hard time receiving certain state benefits without having a mailing address they can be sent to. In NC, food stamps are uploaded to Electronic Benefits (EBT) cards so a physical address would not be required to receive them but social security and disability payments usually come by way of mailed checks.

By playing on this inconvenience, apparently many homeless are being talked into accepting implantable Radio Frequency Identification chips placed in their hands according to Zapata, that can give them immediate access to all of their state and federal benefits.

Zapata says that if the homeless refuse to accept the microchips, that their benefits are terminated.


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